New O & P Visa Guide Features Article by Sherrod Seward

By Oakhurst Legal Group

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Released in July of 2020, the new 3rd edition of Immigration Options for Artists, Entertainers & Athletes features a piece called “O-1 Consultation Letters” by none other than our founding attorney, Sherrod Seward. Comprised of articles by the industry’s top legal professionals, the book analyzes the U.S. immigrant and nonimmigrant visa options for foreign nationals in the arts, entertainment, and athletics. It provides an in-depth discussion on O and P visas, as well as several related topics and issues faced by artists, entertainers, and athletes visiting or moving to the United States. Serving as a guide for legal professionals of all levels of experience, the book offers general tips, specific recommendations, and information about the field’s latest developments.To purchase the book, visit here.Sherrod Seward is the Managing Member at Oakhurst Immigration Law. The firm counsels and represents a wide range of extraordinary professionals from all around the world, helping them obtain the immigrant and nonimmigrant visas they need to advance their careers and share their contributions with the United States. Because the firm works exclusively with O and P visas, clients benefit from a wealth of carefully cultivated knowledge and in-depth experience. To get started on your case, call 704-243-8178 or contact us online today for a free initial consultation.