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Currently, USA Cricket has sanctioned Minor League Cricket and plans to launch Major League Cricket in 2022. International competitors will require a special work visa to enter and compete within the U.S. Oakhurst Legal Group is here to support the needs of T20 cricket athletes, as well as their coaches and support staff, who all need O or P category visas.

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How We Can Help with Your Visa

Although the schedules for Minor League Cricket and Major League Cricket are still in the works, our firm can help you begin the process of acquiring the visa you need to support your team in the U.S. Cricket athletes themselves will need to acquire P-1 or O-1 visas, while their support staff and coaches will need P-1S and O-2 visas. It’s important to act as soon as possible because processing times for visas may take longer than anticipated.

We can assist players who have participated in the following international cricket leagues:

Players who have participated in prestigious cricket tournaments may also have an advantage when it comes to receiving the visa they need. Working with our Charlotte attorneys for cricket visas can help you prove your prowess as a particularly gifted or celebrated athlete.

We can help if you’ve previously participated in tournaments such as the following:

Do You Need Help with Your Visa Application?

If you’re a cricket player who is seeking worth authorization to compete within the U.S., reach out to Oakhurst Legal Group for assistance. Our Charlotte attorneys for cricket visas can also help coaches and support staff apply for the visas they need to enter the country and support their players.

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