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Drafting, Reviewing, and Negotiating the Documents that Make Your Business

Running a successful business requires the use of successful contracts. A strong contract will accomplish your goals in a transaction while protecting your company’s interests.

It can be staggering to realize how many contracts are needed for even a relatively simple company to operate: Legally enforceable agreements are necessary to hire employees, conduct transactions, protect intellectual property, and enforce a company’s organizational structure.

Given how pivotal they are to the continued health and liability of your company, every contract must be carefully written and scrutinized. Chances are you will need assistance in the creation, review, and negotiation of some or all of these contracts, especially if you are not familiar with the jargon and processes involved in ensuring they are legally enforceable.

Our Charlotte contract attorneys at Oakhurst Legal Group can give you the support you need. We have the experience and knowledge to efficiently and effectively write, evaluate, and negotiate contracts in a wide variety of scenarios. Our team has worked in the financial, construction, and entertainment industries and is familiar with the common negotiations you may face. We can help you avoid common contractual pitfalls and make sure every agreement supports your company’s goals.

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Our Contracting Services

Contracts will touch just about every facet of a business, especially as it starts to grow and work with other individuals and organizations. In fact, companies will need contracts from the very beginning.

Business formation typically requires the establishment of business governing documents, including corporate resolutions. These contracts will form the foundation of your company and dictate how internal and external disputes will be resolved. Our team can answer your questions about business governing documents and help you draft a contract that meets the goals and expectations of you and your partners.

As a company begins to ramp up, it is likely to be inundated with contracts that you will not have the time, patience, or experience to effectively review. You should never agree to any contract that you do not fully understand or have had the time to completely evaluate. Failing to perform due diligence on every single legal document can create significant problems for your business that may require expensive litigation to overcome.

Our contracting services can give you the assistance your business needs. You can focus on running the company while our team exhaustively analyzes each contract to ensure it is both legally enforceable and consistent with the company’s goals.

Our Charlotte contract attorneys can assist you with:

Employment agreements

Whenever you hire an employee, you should legally define the terms of the relationship. This includes workplace responsibilities, conditions of employment, and compensation. Depending on your needs, it can also include nondisclosure agreements, noncompete clauses (where permitted), and procedures for dispute resolution.

Independent contractor agreements

In addition to full-time employees, your business may require the services of individual or organizational independent contractors. These relationships must be carefully defined to remain in compliance with local and federal employment law. These contracts must also very specifically and explicitly define the obligations of the hired party or parties.

Compliance documentation

Depending on the nature of your company’s field, you will likely have to file documentation proving your compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Intellectual property protection documents

Your company will need to take proactive steps to protect its proprietary information. This requires an extensive level of comprehensive documentation.

Purchase and sale agreements

The transfer of business assets from one entity to another is a complex process that often requires numerous regulatory approvals as well as careful financial and legal supervision.

Why Your Business Need Legal Assistance with Contracts

A successful contract works to define the terms of a relationship – whether that be an employment agreement, a business transaction, or a sale of assets – and protect both parties in the process. When you neglect to use a contract when conducting business, you open your company up to major liabilities. Some other contracts may be written in good faith but are not legally enforceable due to the way they are written. When a contract is unenforceable or never existed in the first place, conflicts will likely have to be resolved through costly and time-consuming legal action.

You should never assume a contract will accomplish what it is supposed to until it has been reviewed and cleared by a qualified legal professional. Our Charlotte contract lawyers at Oakhurst Legal Group understand what goes into a sound legal contract and can provide your business with the drafting, reviewing, and negotiating services you need. We are invested in the long-term success of our clients. Our team can work with you on a personal level to understand the needs of your company and how we can most efficiently and effectively assist you through our contracting services.

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