World Class Reiner Luca Vittorio Cozzo Receives P-1 Visa

By Oakhurst Legal Group

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Oakhurst Legal Group Helps Another Athlete Come to the United States

Our team at Oakhurst Legal Group is excited to announce another successful visa petition. Managing attorney, Sherrod Seward, was able to help internationally recognized Reiner, Luca Vittorio Cozzo, receive a P-1 visa.

About Luca Vittorio Cozzo

Luca Vittorio Cozzo is a decorated Italian reiner. The sport of reigning – an equestrian event that requires a rider to guide a horse through a pattern of circles, spins, and stops – is one that Cozzo has competed in professionally since 2010. Over the past decade, he’s become regarded as one of the best in the field.

About Cozzo’s Petitioner

Price Performance Horses recognized Cozzo’s potential and recruited him. As his recruiter, Price Performance Horses served as the petitioner for Cozzo’s P-1A temporary visa.

Price Performance Horses is among the top clubs of its kind. It boasts an impressive history of high placements in premier competitions around the world. The group is run by Kole Price, who is an accomplished Reiner himself.

The Petition

Attorney Seward carefully constructed Cozzo’s petition with documents that prove his exceptional skills and recognition in the reining community. He included notable victories, press coverage, and memberships.

Championship Records

Our firm compiled a list of Cozzo’s wins at national and world championships to prove his extraordinary abilities. Beyond having a spot on the Italian National Reining Team, Cozzo has excelled in individual events. Some of his top honors include:

  • 2019 Paint Horse Club Italia: Youth Reining Champion
  • 2018 Paint Horse Club Italia: Novice Reining First Classified Third
  • 2018 Fitetrec Ante Championship: Multiple top-three finishes
  • 2018 Fitetrec Ante National Championship: Sixth place
  • 2017 Paint Horse Club Italia: Alter National Champion
  • 2016 American Paint Horse Association: Second place with Italian National Team in addition to an individual second-place win as a halter
  • 2011 Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports Italian Championship: Horsemanship National Champion and third in western pleasure walk and trot

Media Coverage

We gathered a series of Cozzo’s features in international publications to demonstrate his renown. Some of the articles we submitted include:

We were also able to obtain a letter from the San Daniels Mayor confirming Cozzo’s participation in the National Championships.


Cozzo is intimately involved in the equestrian community. We were able to demonstrate that he is a member of some of the most respected American and Italian organizations, including:

  • American Paint Horse Association
  • Italian Equestrian Federation
  • National Horse Reining Association
  • Paint Horse Club Italia

We established that these organizations are highly exclusive – inviting only expert reiners to become their members – to show the significance of admission.

Attorney Seward provided ample evidence of Cozzo’s eligibility by at least three of the P-1 visa requirements. As such, Oakhurst Legal Group successfully demonstrated Luca Vittorio Cozzo’s rank as an athlete of extraordinary ability. We’re excited to see what he accomplishes while in the United States.

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