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Being accused of a violent crime can be extraordinarily disorienting and terrifying. Your freedom, future, and even your life can all be at stake. Even mere allegations can do tremendous damage to your personal and professional reputation, fracturing families and jeopardizing employment. A conviction could earn you years in jail, exorbitant fines, and significant restrictions on how you live your life going forward.

No matter what offense you have been accused of, you deserve compassionate legal representation that will do everything possible to defend you. Our Charlotte violent crime defense attorneys at Oakhurst Legal Group believe everyone is innocent until proven otherwise. We are committed to protecting our clients and leveraging our knowledge of the North Carolina legal system to pursue a positive outcome for your case.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, we want to hear from you. You should not face charges of this severity alone, especially with so much on the line. Our team can assess the facts of the case and help you understand what legal options may be available to you. We will always be straightforward and honest about how we can help and our practical odds of success when pursuing a given strategy.

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Types of Violent Crime Cases We Handle

Violent crime encompasses a varied range of offenses. All are serious charges that carry severe punitive consequences if convicted, even for first-time offenders.

North Carolina defines violent crime as any instance in which one person unlawfully touches or threatens to harm another person. Keep in mind that a violent crime does not necessarily have to involve physical contact.

Our Charlotte violent crime defense attorneys can defend you in cases involving:

It is important to defend yourself when you have been accused of any crime but especially violent felonies. Becoming a felon restricts many of your freedoms in North Carolina.

If you are a convicted of a felony in North Carolina, you can lose the right to:

How To Respond If Arrested for a Violent Crime

An arrest for a violent crime can come as a complete surprise, especially if you have been misidentified by a witness. No matter how much aggression is shown to you by the arresting officer, you should remain as calm and compliant as possible. Follow their instructions, but know that you have rights if you remember to exercise them.

The most important thing to do when arrested is to ask for your lawyer. Do not make any statements to police or answer any of their questions. Law enforcement may intimidate you or attempt to solicit a confession. Continue to ask to speak to your attorney and still silent until they arrive. Remember that anything you say during your arrest or after being detained can and will be used against you.

How Our Team Can Defend You from Violent Crime Charges in North Carolina

When you retain us as your legal representations, you choose a firm that is passionate about winning cases and protecting the futures of our clients. We will immediately work with you and other parties to perform an exhaustive review of every facet of the case.

We will evaluate whether it behooves you to take the case to trial, especially if we are confident that we can prove your innocence, or if we should instead negotiate with prosecutors. We will never sugarcoat the odds and be direct with you about the probable results of each course of action. Our team will also support you and whatever you decide.

Should your case move to trial, we will work to build a robust defense and leverage our experience of courtroom litigation to argue your innocence. While we are familiar with many of the tried and true legal strategies used in and out of the courtroom, our team also values exploring new and innovative solutions to defending our clients.

Our goal when litigating any criminal defense case is to achieve the best possible outcome for the defendant. We will work to safeguard your interests and limit the impact of the charges brought against you.

We also frequently work with a defendant’s loved ones while handling a case and offer 24/7 answering service to give them the open access they need. We can help families understand how the various phases of the legal process work and what we are specifically doing to aid their loved one.

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