Three-Time Grammy-Nominated R&B Artist Trey Songz Arrested at Chiefs Game

By Oakhurst Legal Group

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Understanding the Charges Against Trey Songz

Singer Trey Songz was arrested at Monday night’s Kansas City Chiefs game for trespassing, assault on an officer, and resisting arrest after refusing to wear a mask.

When attempts by Arrowhead Stadium security guards to get Songz to comply with coronavirus protocols were repeatedly met with refusal, Kansas City police was called to the scene. Officers informed Songz that he would be arrested if he did not comply with the orders. Songz proceeded to assault the officer, according to police.


Here in North Carolina, a person can be charged with trespassing if they:

  • Enter private property without permission from a landowner or a person who is there legally
  • Violate clearly posted signage that orders no trespassing
  • Refuse to leave after being asked to exit a property they were invited to

The person asking you to leave does not have to be the owner of the property. It can also be someone who the owner has given the authority to ask you to leave, like the police.

In Songz’s case, although the officers are not the owners of the stadium, the actual owner or someone with authority to do so (perhaps a manager), authorized police to ask the singer to leave. If it were based on North Carolina law, to be considered trespassing, the police would have to prove that they ordered Songz to leave and he intentionally refused to do so.

Assault on an Officer

Assault on an officer is a more serious charge and much more difficult to address. There are very few exceptions to assaulting an officer. However, one is that the officer must be discharging his official duties.

Police allege that Songz punched an officer and put him in a headlock. There is no law that allows for self-defense against an officer. In fact, oftentimes, any physical resistance or attack is treated as resisting arrest or assault on an officer.

Resisting Arrest

Lastly, Songz was charged with resisting arrest. Resisting arrest is a very common charge. It does not necessarily mean behaving in the manner Songz did. It is any form of obstruction or delay in allowing police to discharge their duties or perform an arrest.

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