Should I Speak to Police by Myself?

By Oakhurst Legal Group

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The Police Asked Me To Come In For Questioning. Should I Talk To The Police Myself?

I receive a lot of questions about whether someone should talk to the police. While the answers to most criminal matters are very fact-specific, the answer on this is the same 99% of the time. No. No. No. Most people think, “Well, if I talk, it will help” or “I didn’t do what they accused me of, it was an accident” or “I didn’t do it, I should, it’ll be fine.” In my years of practicing, I have almost never seen speaking to the police without an attorney helpful. If you are going to speak to the police, never do it without an attorney. Am I a sneaky lawyer who just wants to scare you into hiring me or one of my colleagues? No. I’m a lawyer who doesn’t want to see you make the biggest mistake of your life. The police are trained in soliciting information. While you may be very smart, they are trained. Talking to the police without an attorney present can cost you way more than you bargained for.

A good attorney is trained to analyze the situation and the facts of the case to determine the best course of action. The criminal justice system has the upper hand against the average joe. They have resources that stretch far beyond what the average person does. Let a trained attorney help you balance the scales.

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