Sherrod Sports Visas Helps Athlete Join NBA G-League

By Oakhurst Legal Group

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Our client was the first foreign-born basketball player to receive an invitation to the NBA G-League Select Team, and our firm successfully obtained an O-1A sports visa on his behalf.

The new Professional Pathway Program is reserved for the world’s top basketball players who are not eligible for the NBA because they are too young. The program allows them to earn a full college scholarship and valuable endorsement opportunities. Without this program, these athletes could only qualify for the NCAA basketball team.

Most amateur basketball players receive P-1 visas, which are severely limited in terms of permitted activities. Our team at Sherrod Sports Visas, however, submitted an airtight application with compelling arguments to obtain an O-1 visa for our client without receiving a request for evidence. The status granted by the O-1 visa is much more flexible, allowing the beneficiary to complete multiple projects without violating the terms of the visa.

Our Method

Normally, the O-1A visa requires you to either win a substantial award (like the Nobel Prize) or meet at least three of a variety of other criteria.

Our team, however, successfully argued that the selection to the G-League Professional Pathway was enough on its own to demonstrate his extraordinary ability. This selection functions the way a Nobel Prize would for other O-1A candidates.

We also demonstrated our client’s eligibility by citing:

  • His consideration for membership in prestigious organizations
  • The fact that, at the time of the petition, he was the only international player ever selected for this group (out of millions of potential candidates)
  • The fact that the NBA G-League Select Team is the highest possible level for those who aren’t old enough for the NBA
  • The opportunity provided by the program to make substantial income (at least $125,000) and avoid collegiate basketball
  • The opportunity for continuous professional development
  • Clients full scholarship to a U.S. institute of higher education
  • Clients international recognition as one of the world’s best pre-NBA athletes
  • The fact that the contract has no cap simply because very few players will qualify
  • The qualifications of the section criteria experts (former WNBA player Allison Feaster and former NBA player Rod Strickland)

By carefully presenting this evidence, we successfully obtained an O-1A visa for our client, something that rarely occurs for athletes in his position.

For more information about the O-1A visa, your eligibility, or any of our other services, please contact us online or give us a call at 704-243-8178 today. We are ready to implement creative and effective methods to help you share your extraordinary talents with the world.