Search or Arrested by the Police? Here Is What You Should Do

By Oakhurst Legal Group

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Every year, people are arrested for weapons or drug possession, whether trafficking, manufacturing, or due to improper police searches. Many of these arrests are related to a small amount of drug found on a person, and they form a large percentage of the criminal charges in Charlotte, NC.

Getting arrested for drug-related cases, whether drug possession or trafficking, is a serious matter and can earn you hefty fines and long jail time. However, when arrested for drug possession or trafficking, here are some things you must do and some you must avoid.

6 Things to Always Remember if Arrested for Drug-Related Charges

Remain Calm

Honestly, remaining calm in such situations can become one of the hardest things to do. The pressure at that point can be overwhelming. However, you must maintain your cool as any opposing behavior or explosion may lead to extra charges like resisting arrest.

To achieve this, you can take a deep breath, make your hands available for the handcuffs, and maintain your calm all the way to the station.

Say Nothing

Asides from the basic questions like your name, age, and other necessary information, you should keep your mouth zipped. Per the 5th amendment, you have the right to do this.

If asked any question about your case, you should simply tell them you won’t say anything without your lawyer present. However, it’s important to stay respectful at all times.

Call a Lawyer

When charged with a drug case, you will need a competent lawyer. So, we advise that you make your one phone call a worthy one. You should get the help of an attorney, a trusted friend, or a family member that can help you hire a lawyer.

Oakhurst Legal Group specializes in handling drug-related crimes in North Carolina for drug possession, drug trafficking, and drug distribution including drug trafficking and drug distribution charges in Charlotte, NC in the whole of Mecklenburg, Union, Gaston, Cabarrus, Rowan, Iredell, and Mecklenburg, NC area. Call on us via (704) 288-1003, and we’ll be glad to help with your case at any time.

Don’t write anything down…Until Advised by your Lawyer

Remember the Miranda statement – “you have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law,” well, it’s applicable with writing too. Therefore, you should avoid signing any document given to you by the police or else advised by your legal counsel.

Don’t Attempt to Talk Your Way Out

Trying to prove smart and talk your way around a drug case is not going to help you. You will only be getting things worse, especially if you involve any form of bribing in the process. You should also avoid bragging about yourself or position; it will go a long way.

Remember, we said you should say nothing.

Request for Bail

You obviously have a life outside the jail. So, you won’t want to be staying there throughout the duration of your case. Therefore, you and your lawyer should ask the court to set bail. Only the judge can grant or deny bail. If denied, there is really nothing you can do about it.


Getting arrested for weapons or drug charges, whether drug trafficking or possession can destabilize your thoughts. However, maintaining your cool and following the process above will help keep your case within a manageable status.