Pryde Ndingwan

Senior Attorney

Attorney Profile

Accomplished Immigration Attorney with over 13 years of experience. Have helped many vulnerable refugees reunite with their families and start building a new life. Advocate for better treatment and justice for immigrants and refugees in detention centers across the United States. Well-versed in affirmative and defensive Asylum processes. Have successfully

represented client at the United States Citizenship Immigration Services, the Immigration court and the Board of Immigration Review. Represent clients detained and non-detained in removal proceedings in all 50 states. Have represented clients seeking VAWA, U visas, asylum, Immigrant and Nonimmigrant visas, work visas and children seeking special

Immigration status.

Professional Affiliations

Admitted: Minnesota State Bar 2008

Admitted to practice before Minnesota Supreme Court

Admitted to practice before all Minnesota local courts

Licensed to handle immigration cases before USCIS and Immigration court

Admitted to practice before the Board of Immigration Appeals

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