North Carolina Police Misconduct Lawyers

Police misconduct is not only unfortunate it can also have lasting effects on a civilian’s life. Oakhurst
attorneys have litigated matters of police brutality and further constitutional matters covered in the 1 st ,
4 th , 5 th , 8 th and 14 th amendments. These amendments stretch into several matters that are of immediate
concern to clients.

Police brutality cases can cover the following areas:

  • Deadly force that unjustly causes the end to a civilian’s life
  •  Excessive force that unjustly escalates the situation confronting the law enforcement officer.
    Officers should be trained to de-escalate an issue, and when they do not Oakhurst attorneys
    hold them accountable

               a. Excessive force is a term that could include more specific actions such as hitting the
civilian, throwing the civilian violently to the ground, wrongfully tasing the civilian, or
shooting a civilian.
               b. Excessive force could begin at the moment the police officer unholsters his or her
weapon. If you have experienced such a frightening situation it is important that you
contact Our attorneys.

The above violations can happen in an instant. Police misconduct can occur to anyone. If you have
experienced any of the above forms of misconduct you should contact a lawyer that you can trust.
Oakhurst Law Firm has several years of experience in police brutality and misconduct cases.

It is important for victims of police misconduct to talk over the situation with a seasoned attorney. With
or without a noticeable injury, you may still need representation in your matter.

Further misconduct beyond brutality, are violations of constitutional rights. Whether you are a citizen
or a permanent legal resident, you are protected by the United States Constitution. The amendments
highlight possible misconduct by police officers.

Police Misconduct Lawyers defending your Constitutional Rights

The 1 st amendment is to right to speech, press, religion, and to assemble. Assembly laws fluctuate by
local jurisdiction. Our lawyers are familiar with these laws and have experience in applying them

The 4 th amendment protects against illegal searches and seizures. This is an important amendment for a
civilized nation. Police may profile someone as a suspect because of their personal biases. This profiling

often leads to a search and or seizure of property. The police officer may explain their actions by citing
an obscure regulation or reasonable suspicion. This search may occur on your body, in your car, or at
your home. If you were searched by a police office, and you were not in the commission of a crime, call
Our attorneys immediately for a free consultation.

Abuse by law enforcement of the 5 th amendment may present itself as a failure to Mirandaize a suspect.
If a law enforcement officer has questioned you or interrogated you without highlighting your 5 th
amendment rights, then Our lawyers want to hear about it.

The 8 th amendment is a protection against cruel and unusual punishment. This will include policy
brutality. It may include other police tactics used to coerce information out of a suspect. If you were
left in a police vehicle for hours, or held without access to food and water, or denied the right to speak
with your counsel Our lawyers would like to speak with you about your options.

The 14 th amendment provides equal protection from state tyranny to all citizens and residents regardless
of their ethnic group, color, gender, or other distinguishable factor. If you believe you were unfairly
targeted because of an identifiable characteristic, Oakhurst Law Firm would like to speak with you.

Our attorneys are always prepared to take our case to trial. We operate in all jurisdictions within the
state of North Carolina. Give us a call for a free consultation today.