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Do you have an extraordinary level of talent as an entertainer, athlete, musician, or other performer? Have you made exceptional contributions to your field or won internationally recognized awards? The U.S. government offers special visas for foreign nationals who are looking to bring their extraordinary work to the United States. At Oakhurst Immigration Law, our job is to assess your eligibility for an O or P visa and guide you through every step of the application process.

If you obtain an O or P visa, you (and any of your essential staff) can visit the United States for competitions, research, performances, and many other types of events and opportunities. These visas have multiple subcategories, and we can use our years of experience to determine which category is right for you.

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O Visas

If you have extraordinary abilities in the arts, athletics, sciences, business, or education, you may be eligible for an O-1 visa. Your essential staff will need to apply for O-2 visas, and qualifying family members can apply for O-3 visas.

There are two main types of O-1 visas:


for those with distinguished talents in athletics, education, business, or science


for those with distinguished talents in the arts (including motion pictures and television)

Whether you receive an O-1A or O-1B visa, you will greatly benefit from the flexibility and expeditious nature of the O category—especially compared to the H-1B program. However, the requirements for O visas are extremely difficult to meet, and you will need to submit copious amounts of evidence to demonstrate your qualifications.

Fortunately, our team at Oakhurst Immigration Law has extensive experience helping clients obtain O visas. We can determine whether you qualify for the O category and, if so, guide you through the application process with care. With our support, you will have the highest likelihood of accessing these benefits and avoiding delays or complications.

P Visas

P visas are not as difficult to obtain as O visas, but you will still need to demonstrate extraordinary abilities and/or international recognition.

The P visa category is divided into two categories:

P-1A visas for athletes.

You may need to demonstrate national team experience, substantial contributions, international rankings, internationally known events held in the U.S., experience on a U.S. Major League Team, letters from experts and high-level athletes, and more.

P-1B visas for performers in an entertainment group.

Members should share international acclaim and recognition as a group—not just on an individual basis. The group should have evidence of major international achievement, and most members should have contributed to the group for at least a year before applying for the visa (except for circus members).

We can also help your essential staff obtain P-1S visas so they can accompany you. They can only qualify if the services they provide cannot be easily replaced by the work of U.S. citizens.

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1B visa eligibility requirements include the following:

O-1A: Athletics, Education, & Business

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