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Temporary Visas for Equestrians

Saddle Up for Your American Adventure

When asked what they love most about the sport, equestrians often answer with the exhilarating sense of freedom that riding a horse offers. Competing in the event in another country is an exciting next step that can exponentially increase that natural euphoria – and our attorneys can help you complete the paperwork necessary to do so.

Equestrians can pursue a few different visas depending on their rank and work. Whether you’re looking to compete, breed, or help with ranch care in the United States, our lawyers can evaluate your case and offer thoughtful legal counsel to help you find an ideal path forward.

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General Requirements to Work in the American Equestrian Industry

Those who wish to continue their equestrian work in the United States must qualify for one of the visa categories. Generally, this requires some degree of national or international acclaim, existing employment offers, and an employer or agent willing to file on your behalf.

Temporary Work Visa Timelines

At their fastest, equestrian visa cases can take just over two months total. It usually takes between one and two months to prepare a petition. Once the application has been filed, applicants can receive an answer in as few as 15 days if they pay for an expedited response. Otherwise, in standard processing, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. One must also consider the days – sometimes even weeks – that interviews at the consulate could take.

The P-1 visa is available to equestrians competing in professional events, such as the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) “AA” show championships or United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) competitions. In order to be granted a P-1 visa, an individual must have a(n):

P-1 Visas for Equestrians

O-1 Visa for Competition

The O-1 visa is another option for professional riders who fall in the top 15{1106fe1a032145a7ce887f3f2bb95c04ba93cfa6fff56783b1539dad6a0206fe} of athletes in their sport nationally or internationally. It’s also available to exercise riders. To qualify, the applicant must have a(n):

The O-1 visa is available for three years. Those who hold this visa are eligible for unlimited renewals so long as their competition record remains in the top 15{1106fe1a032145a7ce887f3f2bb95c04ba93cfa6fff56783b1539dad6a0206fe}.

O-1 Visas for Non-Competition

If an equestrian professional does not compete, they may still qualify for an O-1 visa if they are a leading studbook, groomer, stall cleaner, breeder, or sales barn. To be eligible, they must have a(n):

Here too, the O-1 visa is issued for three years and may be renewed an unlimited number of times. To be eligible for renewal, non-competition professionals must simply maintain their leading reputation.

B-1 Visa for Amateur Riders

Amateurs may still come to the United States to compete in smaller circuits or shop for a horse. The B-1 visa allows a person to attend amateur competitions for up to 6 months but prohibits employment.

Our attorneys have successfully helped international equestrians in the past, including Italian reiner Luca Vittorio Cozzo. We know how to gather relevant information to prove your acclaim and build a case for your petition. Reach out to our team to get started.

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