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Artists, authors, and other creative individuals bring extraordinary culture and ideas to United States business interests, educational institutions, commercial endeavors, and more. Our attorneys at Oakhurst Legal Group have a deep appreciation for these contributions, as well as years of experience helping these individuals obtain work authorization to do business with single or multiple employers in the United States.

Because of our knowledge of immigration law, familiarity with a variety of industries, and ability to carefully articulate our clients’ national and international achievements to USCIS, we are a tremendous resource for foreign nationals who work in the arts and need to obtain O-1A and O-1B visas.

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Our services involve a deep and thorough intake and evaluation process to ensure we do not miss evidence that will help qualify our clients’ international recognition and achievements. From comedians to contemporary artists, there are proven methods and arguments that save time and help our clients successfully complete the O-1 visa process.

Here is just a handful of the visual artists, contemporary performers, and writers we serve:

An O-1 visa is appropriate for a wide range of creative industries for foreign talent with extraordinary abilities in the arts, business, athletics, and sciences. In 2020, new categories of beneficiaries will obtain three-year O-1 visas with employment authorization as talented lawyers become more creative in proving the O-1 eligibility requirements in new industries. Knowing the structure and evidence standards to prove top achievement in diverse fields helps our writer visa lawyers in Charlotte provide clients with a high level of success in the O-1 visa category.

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