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At Oakhurst Immigration Law, our attorneys help distinguished professionals from around the world obtain O & P visas through a personalized approach focused on bringing you to the United States. With three convenient office locations, we are able to easily serve the residents of Atlanta, Georgia, and our accessibility extends much farther than that! We have a multilingual team ready to help you achieve international success by bringing your talents to the United States.

Athletes, artists, and scholars looking to come to the United States should contact us for further assistance in starting the O or P visa application process in Atlanta.

O and P Visas for Extraordinary Ability

The O and P visas are designed to welcome accomplished and talented professional athletes, artists, and scholars to the United States. O visas are reserved for professionals in sports, media, business, education, and science. P visas cover other athletes and performance groups. While the O visa carries the strictest qualifying requirements, applicants for the P visa must also be prepared to demonstrate their elevated skillset and achievements.

O Visas

O visas are broken down into categories based on talent, along with any affiliates who are looking to come to the United States with these talented individuals. They are:

O-1A visas

for foreign talent with extraordinary skills in sports, science, education, or business

O-1B visas

for applicants with acclaim in motion pictures, television, or the arts

O-2 visas

for the applicant’s essential support staff

O-3 visas

for the families of O-1 and O-2 visa holders

O-1A applicants must provide ample evidence of their distinction in their field. They must provide proof in the form of:

The guidelines for submitting proof for O-1B visas are less rigid than O-1A, though the creatives must still demonstrate extraordinary expertise in their field and a degree of talent superior to their peers.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipCreative professionals who are leading in their field and carry significant recognition and acclaim are suitable contenders for the O-1B visa. They should have a major award parallel to those required by athletes and scholars applying for O-1A visas, such as an Emmy or Grammy, or some combination of the following: iscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Our Atlanta attorneys can review your career and accomplishments to determine if you are a suitable applicant for the O-1A or O-1B visa.

Contact our immigration attorneys for more information about filing for an O visa.

P Visas

P visas are subcategorized into P-1A and P-1B and serve athletes and entertainment groups, respectively. Alongside them are P1-S candidates who serve as the talent’s essential support staff. The P-1A visa lets highly skilled and accomplished athletes not eligible for the O-1A visa apply. An athlete could be eligible for a P-1A visa if they:

The athlete should have contributed significantly to the sports teams to be considered eligible by that requirement.

P-1B visa candidates are eligible when the group has international fame. Requirements for this visa include: 

The P-1B visa emphasizes the success of the group. To be eligible, the group as an entity should be popular and accomplished, not just one member.

Our attorneys are accessible worldwide. We are available and willing to travel to you to help with your case so that in the near future you can fly back with us to the United States too.

If you think you qualify for an O or P visa, call our Atlanta attorneys to help start your immigration process at 704-243-8178. We offer legal services in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Arabic

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