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What is Administrative Processing for U.S. Immigrant Visas?

If you applied for a visa, administrative processing is when an adjudicating officer takes an unspecified amount of time to review additional information related to your immigration case. It may cause a significant delay.

Unfortunately, some applications may enter administrative processing for no clear reason, and there is no legal limit to the amount of time an application can exist in this bureaucratic limbo. If you are applying for an O or P visa, you likely don’t have much time to wait, as the next step of your career may hinge upon a competition or series of performances in the United States.

Fortunately, you do have options. At Oakhurst Legal Group, our team assists innumerable clients with challenges like administrative processing. Our goal is to submit thorough, errorless applications that minimize the risk of triggering administrative processing. Additionally, we use strategies like congressional inquiries to end this often-unwarranted delay.

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Why Is My Case Going Through Administrative Processing?

Administrative processing can occur for any of the following reasons, and more:

Submit A Congressional Inquiry With Oakhurst Legal Group

Administrative processing can occur when an application is reviewed by either USCIS or the DOS. No matter which agency is processing your application, you may benefit from a congressional inquiry, which we file routinely on our clients’ behalf.

A congressional inquiry is when we reach out to a congressperson to ask about the status of a visa application. This congressperson may then expedite the adjudication process and help us obtain a visa for our client. Almost every congressperson has an immigration liaison, and we work tirelessly to establish rapport and cultivate trusted relationships with these influential figures.

Act Now to Avoid Delays With a Mandamus Lawsuit

Because most of our clients are pursuing temporary visas for internationally recognized events or programs in the United States, we work proactively to avoid administrative processing wherever possible, and we strive to end this delay by reaching out to congresspersons.

Alternatively, we may file a mandamus lawsuit in federal court to compel the agency to make a decision regarding your case. However, a full year will need to pass before this option becomes available.

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